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Radial and Extracorporeal shockwaves therapy (rESW)

Shockwave is a treatment modality which generates Extracorporeal shockwaves (ESW) or pressure waves acoustically.

These generated shockwaves are different from other acoustic waves as they are generated at a lower frequency and, when placed in the correct hands, may be used to isolate and treat a specific area.


Some examples of these sonic impulses in real life is the sound of thunder following the flash of lightning.


A more day to day version of a shockwave are those created by clapping to the most dramatic examples of shockwaves and their effects is an aeroplane breaking the sound barrier which generates an audible bang and can lead to the breakage of glass even in distant areas.

When clinically effective shockwaves enter the body they have been described as creating 'controlled explosions' (Ogden et al, 2001).


However, more correctly, when a shockwave enters living tissue it will either be reflected, refracted, transmitted or dissipated, just like any other wave.Therapeutic ESW energy is released at these interfaces thus  where there is a change in structure part of the shockwave energy will be released and create small cavitations.

A more detailed explanation of how Shockwave therapy works may be found HERE.



Achilles tendinopathy

Patella tendinopathy (jumpers knee)

Lateral/medial epicondylitis (tennis and glofers elbow)

Rotator cuff tendinopathy

Hand tendons (De Quervains etc.)

Tibialis anterior/peroneal tendonitis (shin splints), Foot tendons

Bicep/tricep tendonitis.


Trapezius trigger points

Piriformis syndrome

ITB syndrome

Gluteal pain


Plantar fasciitis


Various Bursitis

Cellulite (more info to follow soon!)

Dr Jacques H Maree Garsfontein Chiropractor incorporates Shockwave therapy into your Chiropractic treatment session if necessary along different modalities.

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