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The Practice will be CLOSED during the 21 day Lock-down period, Telehealth consultations and severe emergency appointments are available

Video Consultations and home care advice (45 minute sessions) will be made available through CLINIKO, an email will be sent with a link to the consultation. Note that these consultation are soon to be covered by the medical aid schemes but are currently charged as cash/EFT consultations only. Telehealth consultations occurs through a tablet, smartphone or computer with a webcam and microphone.

Telehealth consultations are a new venture which will soon be incorporated into our daily lives and will be available throughout the medical and health system.

Telehealth refers to electronic communication between a healthcare practitioner and a patient for the purpose of facilitating, improving and enhancing treatment he/she is currently receiving. With Telehealth, the patient will be able to communicate successfully with the practitioner when it is physically impossible to visit a practice.

By no means should Telehealth replace or be used as an alternative to physical therapy, but as a guide to assist the patient in managing their pain until physical therapy can continue.

With Telehealth consultations, Dr Jacques will discuss your current discomfort and dysfunctions and be able to guide you to through the bio mechanics of the dysfunction and how to avoid, isolate, manage and strengthen the affected area. It is a great tool for assisting with home- care and exercises, advice and second opinions.

Kindly note Telehealth Consultations needs a Informed consent form to be signed digitally prior to the consultation. The consent form may be found here.

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